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Editing and proofreading are very important to avoid fatal mistakes in the target. Just imagine when your potential customers ask you for a discount to a product you are selling, but you never promise any discount to every single product you are selling. However, you shortly recall that you had your files translated several days, weeks, months or years ago. You finally realize that this must be the main cause and we believe that you never want it to happen to you. We can help you solve this problem. We usually provide these services in one package (translation, editing and proofreading). However, you can get us to do editing or proofreading only if necessary. Contact us now for free quote!


Jl.Kedondong Raya H9-26
Perum Bugul Permai-Bugul Kidul
Pasuruan - East Java,
Indonesia 67121

Ruko Sukarno Hatta Inside No. 4A,
Jl. Terusan Sudimoro IV
Malang City, East Java
Indonesia 65142

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